Meet our team


Director / Principal

Jeanine Harry's visionary approach is at the heart of Legal Peace, a distinguished legal firm that embodies its name through a dual commitment to expertise and tranquillity for its clients. The firm's specialisation in Civil Litigation and related matters reflects a deliberate choice to prioritise quality over quantity.

With a legal career spanning back to 2003, Jeanine Harry has garnered extensive experience as a criminal and civil litigation solicitor. Her unique proficiency as a Higher Rights Advocate in criminal courts, granting her the same audience rights as a qualified barrister, showcases a depth of legal prowess. Having navigated both the public and private sectors, including roles as a criminal defence Solicitor-Advocate and a prosecution Solicitor-Advocate, Jeanine boasts a diverse portfolio of cases, ranging from the Old Bailey to Magistrates and Crown Courts in London and the Greater London areas.

After 15 years, Jeanine transitioned to specialize in general Civil Litigation, focusing on areas such as debt recovery, consumer disputes, and landlord and tenant issues in Kent and South East London. This shift underscores her adaptability and the breadth of her legal acumen.

The core philosophy of Legal Peace is encapsulated in its name. 'Legal' symbolises the firm's unwavering dedication to expertise, evident in its meticulous approach to litigation matters. 'Peace' encapsulates the client-centric focus, assuring peace of mind through transparent fee structures and an automated system that ensures timely updates on case progress. The firm prides itself on fostering personal relationships with clients, aiming to be a reliable and trustworthy legal partner.

In essence, Legal Peace stands as a beacon of legal excellence, combining Jeanine Harry's seasoned experience, a commitment to quality service, and a genuine dedication to providing clients with the assurance and peace of mind they deserve in navigating legal challenges.


Solicitor / Dean Vickery

Dean is an experienced Family Solicitor, working in divorce and financial matters, including high net worth matters. With a wealth of commercial expertise, Dean always aims to save his clients’ money; to avoid final hearings where possible and he also conducts his own representation, should the case go to court.
Dean also has a wealth of experience in Children Act matters from child arrangements, specific issues, prohibited steps and local and international relocation. He always works hard for his clients in order to reach a fair conclusion.


Solicitor / Sean McHale

I qualified as a solicitor in 2015 at Levi Solicitors LLP. At the firm I predominantly dealt with commercial disputes (pertaining to shareholder disputes, contractual disputes and partnership agreements), construction disputes (issues of negligence, contractual and payment disputes) and professional negligence (claims against solicitors, architects and construction companies).

In 2016 I worked at Hawkswell Kilvington, a boutique construction law and dealt with adjudication disputes, payment disputes and issues of construction negligence.

I returned to Levi Solicitors LLP and advised clients in matters of commercial litigation and disputes. However, alongside this I set-up an employment law practice at the firm and regularly represented clients in relation to employment tribunal proceedings (both claimant and respondent). During this period, I also represented clients in the High Court and Court of Appeal in relation to complex and high-value commercial and construction disputes.

I aim to provide excellent legal advice to clients, whilst also being frank and clear in relation to clients commercial considerations.


Immigration Paralegal

Shabana Shahab is an expert in UK immigration law with a long history of helping clients, both individuals and corporates, with their immigration needs. Shabana was born in the United Kingdom and went to the University of Westminster where she graduated with Honours in Law (1996).  Shabana held the position of Senior Immigration Consultant and Head of Immigration Department at Landau Zeffertt Weir Solicitors for over 5 years.  Shabana's career in the legal profession allowed her to write articles for a leading Asian magazine (Eastern Eye) between 1998 and 2003.  During this time she became a popular immigration advisor, especially in the Asian community, recognised for her expertise in UK Immigration.Shabana has acted as an expert advisor to BT, First Fruit, Giant Films, Leeds Audi, Mercedes Benz, and St Giles Hotels. She is a members of the Immigration Practitioners Association (ILPA) and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
Now successfully runs her own practice namely Status Solutions UK Limited since 2004 and works for Legal Peace as a Consultant Paralegal.