Landlord & Tenant issues

Our property disputes team is available to help resolve property law disputes through negotiations or litigation. Property disputes can arise over freehold or leasehold issues, over a boundary, fences, shared access or right of way, and from disagreements between landlords and tenants or between neighbours.


We aim to provide our clients with practical advice, and pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to resolve property law disputes. If you are involved in a property law dispute, contact us to talk to a specialist about legal advice and representation.

We can act for clients in property disputes and property litigation including or involving:

bullet_sm_blue.png Boundary disputes
bullet_sm_blue.png Right of way
bullet_sm_blue.png Fence disputes
bullet_sm_blue.png Party walls
bullet_sm_blue.png Neighbour disputes
bullet_sm_blue.png Shared access
bullet_sm_blue.png Easements
bullet_sm_blue.png Residential leasehold
bullet_sm_blue.png Landlord and tenant disputes
bullet_sm_blue.png Breach of lease
bullet_sm_blue.png Possession
bullet_sm_blue.png Forfeiture
bullet_sm_blue.png Recovery of arrears

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Legal matters can be a daunting process for many, so its reassuring to have peace of mind with Legal Peace on your side. We are human just like you, so have made it simple to get things started.

step3(1).png You may know the type of help you need, or unsure where to start. Great news, you are in the right place.

step2(1).png We will listen to your query and be able to offer free impartial advice.

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