Mini Case Study: Debt Recovery


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The problem

The client was owed a total of £18,000 and needed help recovering the money from another business.


The background 

Mr X owns a construction firm, and he contracted out his workers to another construction company (the debtor), who had agreed to pay a daily rate for those workers.  

The debtor company signed off the workers’ timesheets but then decided not to pay Mr X, stating that there was a dispute over how much work the workers did whilst on site. 

In retrospect, they had decided that the timesheets should not actually have been signed off, but they were.  Mr X was able to rely on the fact that the timesheets were signed off and therefore it was clear that a contract had been formed and the debtor was obliged to pay.  


The Solution

Mr X instructed Legal Peace to write a letter of claim. This was drafted it within 48 hours and sent to the debtor. 


The outcome

The debtor responded the following day and a conversation followed between Legal Peace and debtor. Legal Peace insisted that the money be repaid with all legal costs and any interest incurred

The debtor agreed to a three month instalment

The first instalment was paid within a week and Legal Peace will continue to monitor the situation for Mr X until the third instalment is paid in January 2023. 


What happens if the other instalments are not paid? 

If the debtor still refuses to pay, then Legal Peace will issue court proceedings on behalf of Mr X.


About Legal Peace


It is no secret that Litigation is extremely expensive. Your legal costs can far outweigh your original claim. 

We therefore pride ourselves on providing a legal service which comprises more affordable representation.  

As well as offering fixed fees, we can provide you with global estimates for the litigation and offer flexible payment options which are made in advance. We also ensure full transparency with detailed bills showing a full narrative of all work undertaken so you can see exactly where your payments have been spent.

As litigation specialists, we are also experience in pre- litigation legal advice as well as dispute resolution and arbitration.

Outside of planning, we provide excellent additional legal services, covering core legal areas such as drafting wills,  drafting contracts including terms and conditions, criminal litigation (but no legal aid cases), civil litigation, dispute resolution, landlord and tenant issues, immigration, debt recovery, fixed fees on small claims matters and Advocacy for certain types of cases in court rather than using external Barristers. 

Advocacy ensures you have someone on your case from start to finish who knows your case inside out.

With the rise in online and remote working, we feel that many Solicitors have lost the personal touch with their clients. We have very comfortable offices where you can come in and have a meeting to discuss your case. 

As a small firm, our lawyers work on your case from start to finish. This means we are accountable and are always able to be contacted. We are transparent, will be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and we discuss fees up front.


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Legal matters can be a daunting process for many, so it’s reassuring to have peace of mind with Legal Peace on your side.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Legal Peace has made it simple to get things started.

Don’t delay, our solicitors are on standby to assist. Use our contact form, or call us on 0203369 0969.

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